Factor Essencial headquarters in Barcelona.

It’s easy to find us 😉

Our headquarters in Barcelona are in:

C/ Aurora Bertrana 21
08028 Barcelona
Teléfono 932 922 000

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Twitter account is @factoressencial and our Linkedin page

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Contact Alex Puig Mestres

If you want to contact us, have any questions, suggestions, or want a quote, contact Alex Puig Mestres, the head of Factor Esencial, you can do it in many ways, from this form, call our offices in Barcelona T. 932 922 000, with +34 if you call outside of Spain or via Meet videoconference.
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Privacy Policy

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And if you want, we have access to your own space.

Sometimes, when you have any incidence on your computer, need some help configuring your email or your website is displayed in a different way in  your browser, we can connect in a fast and easy way through the TeamViewer program. Download it, call us and we will connect with you.

Do you want to send us your curriculum vitae or your proposal?

We are open to establishing new relationships with other companies, freelance professionals, teams that can complement our offering, people who believe in communication and add value.

Graphic designer, UX expert, SEO or SEM, programmer or specialist in WordPress or TYPO3, printer or distributor of advertising material, here is the contact email.

If you think we can understand each other and you want to send us your proposal or CV, send us an email to cv@factoressencial.com. We will read it carefully, classify the information and if we think we can collaborate on a project, we will get in touch.

As Leopoldo Abadía says, in his book “The Ninja crisis”, a clear explanation of the current economic and social situation, “we need common sense, ethics and optimism”. And at least, that the crisis helps us to improve.