When one millimeter is one millimeter.

In 1998, the year of the constitution of Factor Essencial, the Internet was in its infancy. The communication was based on advertising on television, radio, print and applied graphics. Except the big media, creativity and design was reflected in print.

It was time to take measures, where a display, a catalog, a banner or poster had the size they had, no less. Each of our work takes something from us forever, complicity. An experience that is reflected in these projects and where the measure of things was the millimeter.

Examples of the graphic trajectory of Factor Essencial.


Here we show a graphical selection of our projects, what we want to be and what we are.


Experiences shared between our customers and our team. Brands who seek an identity and want to create value.

Since the development of the visual identity to the development of packaging.

Design of packaging programs.


Development of packaging lines. From the idea to the production.


Based on the analysis we propose graphic solutions that meet three objectives, the user, the production and the logistics.

Large format posters.


A clear picture with an attractive graphic proposal.


Factor Essencial not only offers the design proposal but that we are responsible for its installation and maintenance.

Catalogue of products, brochures, company publications.


Hundreds of pages to present what they do or what the companies say.


During our history we have designed hundreds of publications on paper. From complex commercial printed catalogs to simple production.

Animación varios proyectos identidad visual de Factor Essencil

Development of visual identity.


Because a brand is more if your application is correct.


The creation of a logo design is not just an image.

Audiovisual projects in Motion Graphics


Static images in movement can explain stories.


Different audiovisual projects using Motion Graphics.


Publishing projects.


Journals or books.


Our graphical experience has been developed on the basis of printed publications on paper. Journals or books that are novels or poems.

If you want to contact with Alex Puig, the maximum responsible of Factor Essencial, you can do it by different ways, by mail to alex.puig[at]factoressencial[dot]com, calling our offices in Barcelona T. 932 922 000, with +34 if you call out of Spain or via skype in lecypui.


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