Questions that we imagine answering you

And what do you do exactly?

We create websites auto-manageable. We offer you web pages specially designed in TYPO3 so you can manage and modify its content depending on your needs in the easiest and fastest way, without the need of technological knowledge. We complete our multimedia service with the design of websites, newsletter, creation and maintenance of blogs and virtual communities, execution and distribution of podcasting, planning and design of interactive marketing campaigns and promotions, design of e-learning patterns, mantenance and update of websites, creation and management of Adwords campaigns, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) y SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

What does Factor Essencial have that the other web design agencies doesn’t have?

There are a variety of companies specializing in designing websites. Of all these, we can distinguish two main groups: design Websites and functional Websites. In the first group we find amazing designs, spectacular animation and innovative concepts. In the other, clearly functional proposals that clearly prioritize comfort and segmentation of contents from the design and modernity. Factor Essencial is a professional hybrid born of these two trends. Design and functionality in equal parts or, better yet, divided to the more coherent percentage for your business and objectives. We have concentrated more than ten years experience in the world of integrated communication services in an innovative creative design TYPO3. Our differentiating factor is to provide you design websites and self-manageable.

What really means to be a multidisciplinary team?

It means that in Factor Essencial coexists different professional backgrounds within the same project. While some are responsible for directing and planning the communication strategy to purvey all project actions, others are involved in the drafting of content, others work on graphic design, while others brought on line programming and the audiovisual production. We are a dynamic network of professionals from different disciplines with a work philosophy based on collaboration and continuous exchange of experiences and knowledge.

Why do I need a website for my business?

Over 1,400 million Internet users worldwide confirm the digital revolution in which we live. Half of the Spanish population is connected to the network and, according to Market Commission, spends an average of seven hours a week connected to the Internet. This situation reveals a time when the digitization and active presence in the network is vital to adapt to changes and opportunities of the new social, economic and business relations. An era where the website has become an essential strategic part in all institutional and commercial communication.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

CMS comes from the English term “Content Management System”. A program that allows to create a support structure for the creation and content management, primarily in web pages by users easily and quickly. It enable also decentralized web management, the creation of different profiles usability per-user basis, to enrich our content with extensions such as forums, polls, shopping carts, search engines, forms and follow the format of multiple devices.

I want to update my site frequently but is expensive Is there any way to save costs?

The cost savings on web update is the main advantage of our service of self-manageable websites. With minimal training on the operation of CMS TYPO3 you can manage your website with complete autonomy easily and quickly. We will offer you and your team this training in addition to giving you advice to any questions you may rise while using the software

I already have a designer or design department itself.

Our creative design service in TYPO3 provides a full service in digital media communication. But we adapt our structure to work with the professional team you want. We create dynamic templates that are integrated and pre-established designs and can offer a service tailored content management that only cares structuring aspects of content and programming.

My clients are already accustomed to my website. What if they don’t like the change?

Today the constant updating is basic, communicating to the market that we are active and launch new projects. Nobody likes to find a page that is outdated for over a year or it is exactly as when he opened it the last time. In addition, we found the differentiation without ever losing a customer perspective and his audience. We support honest, practical and productive creativity. We always look for a concept measured and aligned with the brand that fits the time and history of the communication brand.

Can I see your style?

Of course. In our events section you can find a visual display of our most recent work and a brief description of the process of creation. If you want to know a little more perspective, we invite you to view our history as integral communication professionals since 1998.

How long will take the development of my website?

The time of completion of a project always depends on the amount and type of information it contains. It is not the same design a website that is mostly text content that design a website that contains graphics, illustrations, videos, Flash presentations, audio effects or Motion Graphics. Furthermore, in all our projects we care to detail the communication strategy to meet your goals, think of the creative concept more persuasive and empathetic and study and interface design and usability of your page. They are the key to ensuring the success of your website that we consider precedence over immediacy. Our estimates always incorporate a working guide in which we present a concrete proposal which includes in addition to the price, we define in detail the timming of presentations and completion of the website.

Who provides the content of the website?

You decide. We always respect the content you want to display on your website. However, whenever you want, we can expand, update and adapt all text and images to broadcasting and reception characteristics of the specific Internet medium.

What is my role as a client in the process of creation?

To avoid the customer feeling stranger in our space is the basis of our management. We have enough initiative and knowledge to advance to your requirements but we listen and take all your preferences and input. Having studied your project, we synthesized all communication in one strong creative axis and consistent with your goals that will guide all the communication of your business. Of course, we will keep you informed at all times of the evolution of the campaign and new concepts on which we work during the creation process.

If I want change my website to your servers, how that affects me?

Nothing, because we handle the transition as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.

Okay, I want to comission a project to you. What do I have to do?

First, thank you very much for your trust. You can contact us through many avenues of contact. Whenever you want, we will start working together.