Long live Serendipity!


You may never have heard of us. That our lives follow opposite paths. That is the first time you see on the screen of your computer our brand, Factor Essencial.

And yet, of the thousands and thousands of threads of connection between people that exist in the network, you clicked on our main entrance, our own website. Welcome!

Honestly, we believe that this initial contact is much more than a network of multiple coincidences. This is a genuine Serendipity. That is, the art of finding something positive by chance.

The Dictionary The American Heritage ® Dictionary of the English Language (Fourth Edition) defines serendipities as the occurrence and development of random events in a happy or beneficial way. The power to make fortunate discoveries by accident.

Among the millions of bits of information running on the network, there are tiny plots of our property we have been tracing through e-mails, links and open messages. They are a vital part of our communication activity that remain active, displaying possible serendipities threads.

It is a way to play with chance, a logical way of trying to influence something as seemingly illogical as luck. An effort to motivate the accidental collision between our enthusiasm and persistence with your natural ability to find things without searching.

We defend that nothing is by chance. That although the laws of probability show that the consequences of certain actions are endless, we will put all of our side to get positive results every time.

We can not calculate the number of facts that have to happen in order for you to be now reading this page. However, we can assure you that the source has been entirely voluntary. So, although luck was on our side, this first contact was not by chance.

We invite you to continue surfing our website. Take your time to discover who we arethe solutions we offer, which are our most recent work, which style we defend and ultimately makes us different.

You can contact us in many ways. Perhaps we can offer what inadvertently you were looking for.

Delighted that you have found us.

25 years of Factor Essencial

Premios Laus de Factor Essencial

It’s 1998, the first Spanish astronaut leaves the Earth in the Discovery, a famous blue pill is beating sales records in USA, Google is founded, and a group of designers with different profiles build together Factor Essencial.

Design, communication and technology have been our leitmotive and have been following us since we started. From the beginning, it was clear for us that our agency had to rely on two central pilars: creativity and technology. Fresh and honest creativity, and the zeal for knowing and taking advantage of the new communicative supports that technology is constantly offering us.

Throughout our life, we have worked for many different companies, using many different supports: graphical advertisements, packagings, catalogues, motion graphics, pieces of direct marketing, websites, corporate presentations, displays and elements of visual identity…  Different offers always designed under one strong and memorable concept, aligned with the personality of every product and brand. This has been the key which has allowed us to grow with our customers facing the constant market shifts. In 2004, with Facebook wearing diapers, we won a Laus prize for our work thewatchingmachine, the corporate website for Biel Capllonch, developed in Flash.

We have lived together with the transition from paper formats to digital formats. We have taken part in the shift from unilateral to bilateral business-consumer communication. We are happy to promote this constant change, to understand the user more and more, in order to come up with more innovative ideas that can bring results to our customers.

From our beginnings, we have applied our designer look to communication. One day we realized that what we have been doing for 20 years has actually a name: design thinking. In 2018, we changed our motto for Design Thinking for Communication, since we think that these words define who we are now and sum up our principles: design, communication and technology.

We keep working on what we most like doing: building memorable experiences, taking our clients out of the box, helping companies to connect with their users in the most unusual and effective way, and find, communicate and potentiate what makes them special: their Essencial Factor.

United by design.

Factor Essencial we are a team of strategists, graphists, copys, programmers and audio-visual technician with a work philosophy based on collaboration and constant exchange of experiences and knowledge in creative design in TYPO3.

We formed a multidisciplinary, active and dynamic set where all points of view are valued and where all partake of all. This democratic and participatory design vision allows us to guarantee a fresher and productive creativity that never leave anything to chance.

We join efforts to design and reinforce the identity of your company.

And a team capable of almost anything.

Alex Puig Mestres
Service Designer

Partner 292
Col·legi de Publicitaris i Relacions Públiques de Catalunya

Ma Rosa Sánchez-Hermosilla Cirés
Content Manager

And also partners.

Gonçal Carrero
Technological responsible

He coordinates the programming in TYPO3 and the technical maintenance of the web projects.

Jaume Presas

Transform graphics projects in technological projects. For everything to work without having to worry.

Rubén Menjibar
Audio.visual responsable

He realizes all the audio-visual solutions on video and Motion Graphic.

And without being on team they also are part of us. Our accomplices.

We also like to present to those who accompany us day after day. Economic Affairs, something serious, we manage them with the Banc de Sabadell, Asesoria Rubio consulting is our labor, tax and accounting advisory, digital equipment come from the hand of Microgestió and the operator offering us communication fiber is Ono, well, now is Vodafone Ono.

And two of the companies with whom we work closely are Site Ground and CDMon, where our websites and our emails are housed.

Our printing services, digital, offset, large-format or what the production precise.

And important are our printing partners. In many occasions, are responsible for our work to have a happy ending. And to do so we trust in Versatia for large format printing and APR, Serveis Globals d’Impressio and Vanguard Gràfic for offset or digital printing. Thanks to them, we can be calm about the results.

Contact Alex Puig Mestres

If you want to contact us, have any questions, suggestions, or want a quote, contact Alex Puig Mestres, the head of Factor Esencial, you can do it in many ways, from this form, call our offices in Barcelona T. 932 922 000, with +34 if you call outside of Spain or via Meet videoconference.
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