Magic and illusion in Wad Ras.

The year was 1998, and in Factor Essencial we have just spent our first Christmas as a new family, we looked around and everything was magic and the illusion of dreams fulfilled, the colored lights illuminated the streets and the smiling faces of the children, when suddenly …

Someone saw another reality, that of the disadvantaged, the children who live difficult family situations and then the whole team of Factor Essencial turned full force to make some of their dreams come true.

That same year, we started contacting the prison of Wad Ras, where, besides inmates, there are some of them who have children who live outside the center, there are also mothers with children up to 3 years living in the center, all of them are children who dream of the magic of Christmas and the Three Wise Men expecting to receive a gift, a smile, a candy.

There was no more talk, Melchor, Gaspar, Balthasar and his pages, lent us their real clothes and we got some wigs, we dress as their majesties, loaded our bags with smiles, toys and candy and on January 6th 1999 we walked through the doors of Wad Ras and saw the biggest smiles appear on the faces of all those children who saw Three Wise Men for the first time coming through the door and calling their names to offer gifts.

Our royal entourage is very small, we don’t have camels or elephants, nor spectacular floats and don’t even have fancy cars, but we have enthusiasm and energy and above all, we want to achieve, for a few hours, that both mothers and children forget their reality and believe again in the magic of Christmas.


More than fifteen years later we are still carrying the illusion to its doors every January 6.