Bamboo, the web of representation of photographers for advertising agencies.

Bamboo website, developed under the CMS TYPO3, is intended to provide a customized catalog of photographers to advertising agencies. A presentation of the photographic works in a very graphic interface, in which the main role is for photography.

A website adapted to the needs of the agencies.

The best display of images is on white or black background? Solution: It depends. Some people would like to see the pictures in low lighting contour and some prefer a bright outline, since most of the displays are on white background. Bamboo website is designed so that the work can be seen in either background. At the user’s taste. That’s better.

We want to highlight.

Bamboo website is intended for advertising agencies who need to provide their customers a selection of photographers and their work and define the type of work to be done.

The website developed under the CMS TYPO3, once selected the photos, they can be ordered from an action “drag and drop” and export them to automatically generate a custom PDF.

All photographs always labeled.

TYPO3 Content Management System allows us that all images uploaded are indexed previously in predefined categories. This classification provides a filtered search by the categories marked. A quick and easy way to find what you are looking for.

“Drag and drop”, the easiest way to create your catalog.

Bamboo website allows you to select the photos you want in an easy and intuitive way, “drag and drop”. Once the selection is complete, the pdf is just a matter of making click. The presentation personalized at your service.

If you want to contact with Alex Puig, the maximum responsible of Factor Essencial, you can do it by different ways, by mail to alex.puig[at]factoressencial[dot]com, calling our offices in Barcelona T. 932 922 000, with +34 if you call out of Spain or via skype in lecypui.


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