The corporate website of B:SM

A web that is 5 websites.

The draft corporate website B:SM is not only the presentation of the businesses that the company manages it has some sections with their own graphical application: profile of contractor, supplier portal, sustainability reporting and transparency portal.Each of the spaces offers the user a fully customized contents according to their objectives, from the private and secure area of the portal for suppliers to the annual sustainability report that can also be downloaded in pdf content.


A full-fledged corporate website.

Describe the mission, objectives and services offered by the company are one of the main goals of a corporate website. This is the B:SM site, which also published all the news group and press-kit for media professionals offered. The web of B:SM, corporate altogether.

We want to highlight.

A single tweet timeline for multiple accounts.

B:SM has more than 15 businesses with different social networking profiles. In the home we have integrated different Twitter accounts into one timeline that is a quick way so we can visualize all the publications.

Taking care of all the graphic details.

The information presented on the website of B:SM is in some cases of economic content. All of it comes with tables and icons that help us to understand and visualize this information. We take care of the graphic and this is our job.

A private area with all the administrative information.

Under an https protocol, the providers area of B:SM has been developed. A space where you can see all the accounting documents, invoices sent, processed and paid, all the information about the state of the economic accounts to a single click.

The contractor’s profile. A space for companies participating in tenders.

Under four subsections, in the bidding process, in the process of awarding contracts, awarded and formalized. 4 areas that publish all offers according to the state. The system allows you to register to receive e-mail notifications about new tenders. With the contractor profile of B:SM work for the public administration it is easier.

The sustainability report. When companies reflect their full commitment.

Each year B:SM publishes its Sustainability Report, a document that has its own structure within the web. An own menu ordering the different areas of the company and that every year is updated. The system is designed so that from the web content itself can export a file in pdf format.

Transparency section. Clear accounts.

Due to its length, the Transparency menu section is designed as a separate section. With graphs and tables and it allows to present the accounts ordered in the last 5 years.


And all of it in 3 languages.


Under the CMS TYPO3, organize and publish in 3 languages is easy. The web of B:SM is presented in Catalan, Spanish and English. What’s yours?

Bajo el gestor de contenidos TYPO3, organizar y publicar en 3 idiomas es tarea fácil. La web de B:SM se presenta en catalán, castellano e inglés. ¿Cuál es el tuyo?

If you want to contact with Alex Puig, the maximum responsible of Factor Essencial, you can do it by different ways, by mail to alex.puig[at]factoressencial[dot]com, calling our offices in Barcelona T. 932 922 000, with +34 if you call out of Spain or via skype in lecypui.


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