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In Factor Essencial we believe one of the best ways to thank the society itself is to correspond with what we do, communication. And for years we collaborate with non-profit organizations, that need to have some organized communication.

Morning Tears is an organization that works with orphaned children in China and are without any help from the government. Here’s the article that appeared in the program Informe Semanal in 2007.

En el caso del Instituto Familia y Adopción, hemos trabajado con ellos el la creación de su identidad visual y las principales piezas gráficas y la comunicación digital.

Likewise, we are also members of other organizations working for the sake of a more just society. Like  Fundació Finestrelles, which promotes the protection of the rights and dignity of people with intellectual disabilities.

And special case is that since 1998 we have a collaboration conducted with the center Wad Ras of Barcelona, here we explain you what we do.

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